Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Two Way Street

Not long ago the periphery around masculinity in fashion started to shred, in fact, have begun long since. Menswear is changing its dynamics now more than ever. What was once taboo is now embraced and glorified by editors, street-style-influencers and now trickling down to the ultra-masculine. What started out as the summer's must-have procure for women, has now lured its way into menswear's fashion week. It merely began with the elongated scarf wrapped around the neck and now has elevated to what we know as the choker.

Chokers in menswear, foreign? No, but at the Spring '17 shows designers stepped into an exploration on aspirations of what menswear continues to be and steering clear from becoming unrecognizable. Louis Vuitton's Kim Jones brought chokers to the runways. He took a modern approach keeping layers clean with an element of surprise, as one model cruised down the runway in a sheer trench coat paired with a cream-colored choker.While Jones played safe, Ann Demeulemeester's Sébastien Meunier flowing chokers complimented the grunge silhouettes and play on proportions, while keeping constant with a strong dominate-monochrome with a hint of romantic-red. An example of how interchangeable the choker can be.

It wasn't until a few looks in I began to notice a pattern. There's a consistent use of chokers among men on the runway. Nothing new, it dates back to the seventies, however, it seems because of the female-dominance this summer, men could be catching on to its versatile use. It adds an extra layer to what could of been just another crisp white tee or embroidered souvenir jacket. It's the summer of the choker

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