Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Summer Must-Haves For Men

As the summer season approaches, I begin to hit a conundrum. How will I decide to maintain a cool and stylish look throughout the scorching heat without revolting back to the basic t-shirt and shorts? After ample amount of time, I came up with three summer must-haves for the man that has trouble preparing for the scorch trails.

Platforms have been on trend full force this season. Take these oxfords from Camper into consideration. The ultra-comfy platform oxford blends the comfort of athleisure and office appropriate appearance. They offer a great transition from on the clock to after hours.

This summer must-have is bound to attract the witty and sultry. Vivienne Westwood's graphic (not safe for the work place) pouch can invoke an uneasy feeling that is reminiscent of Margaret Keane's expressive signature painting "Big Eyes".


These clear frames will blend and compliment any outfit of your choosing. It is an easy grab-and-go when you're running late.

 words by Georgio Richy

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